Who am I?
If you're interested in finding out a little bit more of who I am and what I do you've come to the right place.
Let's start at the beginning ...

Hello and welcome to Nautik4ever. This website was created to combine my two major fields of interest - the maritime way of life and photography. My name is Michael Schindler, I live in Hamburg and work for Maersk, the world's largest container shipping company. Presently, I am serving as Chief Officer on board the Cap San Lorenzo which gives me ample opportunity to take new shots for the site.

I started out in Hamburg/Germany taking a lot of pictures from the harbour ferries and at the Bubendey pilot station. In July 2007 I visited Rotterdam for the first time and have made several extensive trips to the largest port in Europe since then.

During my second practical term on board the Maersk Donegal, I finally expanded my library with locations all over the world. Eventually, photos taken at all the major ports and waterways around the world will be added to the site and I will continue to provide shots the way only maritime personnel can!

After 16 years of hard work my collection is currently comprised of more than 320.000 pictures and will continue to increase.

Hope you enjoy my maritime world as much as I do!

Yours truly,

Michael Schindler
There are currently:
566 Tankers
43 Ferries
55 Reefers
80 Tugs
and 7,876 images in the online database so far!